New Feature Release - Skeleton View!

New Feature Release - Skeleton View!

Hello everyone!

We have a new development to our software that will help all of our users see skeletal movements of the athlete. We are essentially rendering the person recorded as a skeleton to show a clear view of where body parts are. You can track exactly what is going on in each exercise or movement for your athletes and patients.

A key feature is the ability to zoom in and out, but you can also rotate the skeleton to get all angles & views. Simply click the reset button to return to the original viewing angle. When you play the skeleton animation, the movement analytic graphs will follow exactly what the skeleton is doing. You can also click on any point in the graph, and the video and skeleton will go to that point.

We are continuing to develop more & more updates to ensure our users are receiving the highest quality feedback & analytics. If you want to find out more, please reach out to the team here!

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