These are various podcasts and news programmes with our Founder CEO Emma Meehan or Sean Mc Veigh as the guest: 

  • Galway Talks with John Morley - Galway Bay FM 4th June 2024
    Federation of Irish Sport CEO Mary O'Connor joins John Morley and our Founder Emma Meehan on Galway talks to discuss the recent win at the 2024 Irish Sport Industry Awards.
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  • Irish Sports and Exercises Sciences Association - Practitioner Blog 03: Harnessing Technology for Peak Performance: Insights from Sean McVeigh of Precision Sports Technology - 20 May 2024
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  • Equity Match - The Life of a Founder (TLOAF) Podcast - 25th January 2024

  • Goosed.ie -  Jon & Emma Meehan of Precision Sports Tech - 22nd January 2024
  • Highland Radio - Business Matters Ep 163 - Seán McVeigh, John T. Fries & Larissa Feeney - 20th September 2023
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  • Performance Talk - Episode 92 - Emma Meehan - Sport Science, Data Use, and Emerging Technology in sports. - 7th November 2022
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