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Computer vision has incredible possibilities

Precision Sports Technology uses LiDAR technology and AI to collect objective human movement data.

The software delivers real-time feedback to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and patients as they are performing the exercise.

Users can self-correct mid-set without the manual intervention of a fitness or healthcare professional.

Data collected during the exercise session is stored in the cloud, meaning practitioners can access the data anywhere, anytime to discover key insights.

No additional hardware required – incredibly accuracy using just an iPhone or iPad Pro model.

Real-Time Exercise Feedback and Analysis

Precision Sports Technology, conceived by technologist and weightlifter Emma Meehan, seeks to transform exercise and sports training. Inspired by her gym experience, Emma envisioned a technology-driven solution to enhance training accuracy. Integrating computer vision, AI, and cloud deployment, this solution enables real-time analysis of movements. Users receive instant feedback and personalised insights, improving technique and safety. By democratising expert guidance, Precision Sports Technology empowers individuals to achieve fitness goals effectively.


Emma Meehan

First Class Honours graduate in Computer Science & Information Technology, qualified personal trainer and competitive Olympic weightlifter. Emma has accrued almost four years industry experience as a software engineer with Cisco working on highly-distributed microservices for Webex using DevOps methodology.

Emma is obsessed with human movement and is dedicated to enabling people around the world to maximise their movement and enjoyment of exercise, no matter the individual's goal.

Sean McVeigh

Chief Commercial Officer and Lead Sports Scientist
Meet Sean McVeigh, the Chief Commercial Officer of Precision Sports Technology. With a rich background in sports science, strength and conditioning, and sports technology, Sean brings a wealth of experience from the sporting industry. He holds an MSc in High-Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning from UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia. Sean has a proven track record in leadership, sales, and sports performance. As a dedicated professional, he excels in driving innovation and delivering exceptional results.

Padraig Dennison

Chief Operating Officer
BSc in Electronic Systems, MSc in Music Technology  from the University of Limerick. Padraig has 16 years experience in various tech companies, leading in Project Management, Account Management and Customer Success. He has worked with clients at all project stages: Initial sales engagement, project scope & design, contracts, data analysis, training and project launch. His experience also relates internally to; program management, financial reporting and forecasting, team training, company strategy and management. He is an avid sailor.

Precision Sports Technology Cutting Edge Software

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