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    Standalone software for real-time feedback and analysis on exercise technique. Individualised, objective analysis to maximise athletic performance and rehabilitation outcomes. Achieve your best quality of service through quick, actionable, customisable metrics.

Who are we?

We are a team of technologists and sports scientists who believe that fitness professionals should be at the heart of sports technology. We are working with sports scientists, strength & conditioning coaches and physiotherapists to build software that is valid, reliable and easy to use.

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Our technology!

Our standalone software KinetikIQ runs on iPhone and iPad Pro, utilising 3D depth sensors now available in those models in combination with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence techniques for accurate, objective analysis

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Our ground breaking service allows for movement capture and objective analysis to give actionable feedback. This ranges from improving professional athlete performance to patient rehabilitation.

To find out more or try a demo: Click the link end of the blog.

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  • Objective Analysis

    Remove subjectivity from movement screenings by quantifying movement competency and developing individualised benchmarks.

    Quick and Efficient

    Perform a full, quantified movement screening in seconds just by recording a video in the mobile app, with full detailed analysis and repetition breakdown within minutes.

    Fully Portable

    No more bulky hardware, sensors or markers. Our software can run quick and accurate analysis just with a smartphone or tablet.

    Sport Science Driven

    Our movement tracking algorithm has been tried and tested against laboratory markered motion capture systems, with fully published reports available in the coming months.

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