Padraig Dennison joins Precision Sports Technology as Chief Operations Officer

Padraig Dennison joins Precision Sports Technology as Chief Operations Officer

Announcement of our new COO

Exciting News at Precision Sports Technology! 

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team, Pádraig Dennison, who joins us as Chief Operating Officer. With a proven track record of strategic leadership and operational excellence, Pádraig brings a wealth of experience to drive our company mission. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our vision, and we can't wait to see the incredible impact he'll make in shaping the future of sports technology. Welcome aboard, Pádraig!

Hear from Padraig:

  1.  Welcome, Pádraig Dennison! What inspired you to join Precision Sports Technology as COO?

In deciding to take on a new role, I enjoy an interesting challenge as well as somewhere that would benefit from my experience. But what really drives me is a product that excites me and a brilliant team who are a pleasure to work with. Precision Sport Technology meets these needs and more.

  1.  In your role as Chief Operations Officer, what goals do you have in mind to further enhance the impact of Precision Sports Technology in the sports industry?

The sports industry has a clear need for the product we are offering. I can see this improving results for top athletes and patients. As a young start up, my largest goal is the internal challenge to enhance our processes to scale to the large influx of new clinics and teams that are joining the platform. These processes will cover onboarding, customer success and establishing regular feedback so we can fine tune the product and customer experience. Thankfully I have many years of experience driving change so we build once correctly, and continue to grow quickly.

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