Overhead Press



The overhead press, also known as the shoulder press, strict press or military press, is an upper-body weight training exercise mainly used to develop the anterior deltoid muscles of the shoulder.


  • Athlete can benefit from the overhead press since it strengthens the shoulders, core and arm muscles. Improving balance and stability for upper extremity performance.
  • The overhead press is preformed by having the athlete stand in a neutral position with their legs shoulders width apart. The bar is going to be positioned proximal to the anterior part of their torso and grip in pronation and aligned with the shoulders. The head is forward and the spine is neutral, and will remain this way for the duration of the exercise. From there the athlete can transition again using elbow flexion to pull the bar up, and extend the wrist. This sequence occurs until the bar reaches the superior portion of the chest, hands resting around the lateral portion of the collarbones.
  • The exercise can begin by pushing the bar up by through full elbow extension, externally rotating the shoulders, and maintaining abdominal stability. The athlete can hold this position until they’re ready for the descent. The descent starts by internally rotating the shoulders and flexing the elbows, lowering the bar back to the superior portion of the chest to rest. The athlete can continue this exercise by preforming the sequence again or end it by lowering the bar back down, extending the elbows and wrist naturally returning to a neutral position.


Steps for Athlete

  1. The athlete can start in a neutral stance with their legs shoulders width apart with the bar in hand.
  2. Their grip placement on the bar should be aligned with their shoulders, close to the body. The athlete can begin to raise the bar from a resting position around the torso through elbow flexion and wrist extension, landing on the upper portion of their chest with the hands around the ends of the collarbones. From there the exercise can begin.
  3. Using force, the athlete can push the bar from, up off the front of their chest, by extending the elbows and externally rotating the shoulders, until fully extended, maintaining stability. Here the athlete can hold this position until they’re ready to lower the bar.
  4. The descent can begin by flexing the elbows and internally rotating the shoulders, until the bar returns back to the upper portion of the chest.
  5. The athlete can their continue the exercise or end it by lowering the bar back down to their torso and then to the group.

Recording Position

  • From a front view. Have those recording to stand 3ft away away from the athlete, maintaining a firm and still hold of their recording device.


The overhead press is used primarily to build the deltoid muscle. It also indirectly targets the other muscles of the shoulder, your triceps, and your core. Ensuring correct technique reduces the risk of injury and allows for gradual increase in lifting weight to develop the shoulder muscle group further.