Thomas Test



The Thomas Test is a great sports industry standard, especially for football athletes. This is used to measure hip flexibility to track recovery from intense exercise. See below to learn more about the test and how to best perform it.


  • The Thomas test is used to measure the maximum length at which the hip flexor can be reached, distinguishing the iliopsoas tightness. This will help support the ROM of the hip and knee joints.
  • The Thomas test can be preformed by the individual laying down in a supine position. They can then begin to flex a singular knee and hip of their choosing to the max, all while attempting to position the knee in close proximity to the chest. In order to increase ROM and maintain stability, the hands can overlapped around the superior portion of the hamstring or kneecap. Pulling back on the leg in order to increase ROM can occur until the individual hits their maximum capacity or until satisfied. Which they can they extend their hips and knee back out, bringing their legs back to a straight and neutral supine position. This test can be then end or repeated again using the alternate leg to preform.


Steps for Athlete

  1. Have the athlete begin by laying flat on their back with straight legs.
  2. The athlete can then bring a singular knee up as close as they can to their chest, causing hip and knee flexion.
  3. In order to further pull the knee closer to the chest area, they should wrap their hands around their knee or hamstring, overlapping. At this point they should make sure their alternate leg is hanging off the surface without an arched back.
  4. The athlete should pull their leg in until they reach their max and remain in this position for the time period of their choosing.
  5. Once the hold is compete the athlete can release their leg, ending the test having it extend back out or preform the test again with the alternate leg.

Recording Position

  • Side View, have those recording to stand 3ft away from the athlete or until the athlete is completely in the frame, maintaining a firm and still hold of their recording device.


By using the Thomas Test to establish a baseline for your athlete, this allows you to track any limited movement after a session of exercise and how quickly they recover to good mobility and performance.