How Technology in recent years has changed the fitness industry

How Technology in recent years has changed the fitness industry

Technology is constantly improving and innovating every year. In terms of the fitness industry, technology has made great advancements with how we go about our own fitness. Technology increases the efficiency of current workout trends and enhance customer experience with personalised workouts that suit their needs. From fitness apps, wearable tech and online coaching are some examples of how technology has changed the fitness industry for the better.

One of the best pieces of wearable technology is the Apple Watch for its versatility and features it provides for your fitness needs. It has all the fitness information you could need in a watch. The first Apple Watch was announced back in September 2014 with the iPhone 6, and it was originally marketed as a fashion accessory with different colours and styles. The Apple Watch was then officially released in April 2015 and the focus changed from a fashion accessory to a fitness-oriented device. Over the next few years the apple watch continued to improve and added new fitness features with every new instalment that was released. So, how does the apple watch improve our fitness? Well, whether you are running, walking, rowing or even hiking, the Apple Watch can track your exercise sessions and show stats in real time. These stats include time elapsed, distance travelled, pace, heart rate and calories burned. Having this information after each workout can help you gauge your progress and help you set goals for yourself for each workout. It’s the ultimate device for a healthy life.

The introduction of online coaching has changed the fitness industry to where people can get professional training all at the comfort at their own homes. Online coaching has become immensely popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic where people weren’t allowed to go to gyms, so they had to find an alternative. What makes online coaching so appealing? Well for one, it is available 24/7, it allows for self-paced learning, has a lower cost, flexible schedule, ample amount of resources and so on. For the more gym-shy, it is the perfect alternative and encourages more people to take their fitness to the next level.

Fitness apps have greatly changed the fitness industry by allowing people to manage their own fitness journey. Fitness apps can be downloaded on any smartphone allowing anyone who has a smartphone to access them and some of them are completely free to use! Fitness apps provide lots of useful features such as customised diet plans that suits you, nutrition tracking, goal settings, progress tracking, a notification system and reminders, sleep tracker, steps taken counter and many more. Fitness apps can also be used by fitness trainers to manage their clients and to keep tabs on their progress. Fitness apps allow both fitness trainers and clients to get the most out of their fitness journey.

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